Company History


The company was founded in 1993, with the first flight going out in October of that year.

Loss & Destruction

In 1995 and 1996, ValuJet (based in Atlanta) suffered two major incidents in which their aircrafts were lost. One was lost while taxiing on the runway at Hartsfield Jackson, and the other was to Gross Negligence on the part of Sabretech, a company which ValuJet had depended on for maintenance and repair work. Faultly packed aircraft oxygen generators for the emergency masks were carried on Flight 592, much to the non knowing of it's captain Candylynn Kubeck. They started after being jostled, which the heat produced then ignited the rubber in the aircraft tires which were being transported to Atlanta. That caused fatal damage to the aircraft control systems, and passengers as well as crew passed out before the flight crashed in the Everglades. 110 people including Crew and Flight attendants were killed in that crash.

ValuJet: TNG

In 2009, Jack Davidson & Scott Summers came up with the revitalized ValuJet design. They knew all about what happened to the original, and why it became AirTran Airlines in 1997. The plan was to bring it back, under a new and better business plan. They intended to bring it in to the new century as the premier low fare, but high quality customer service Airline.

Key Staff

Owners & CEO

CEO: Scott Summers

Owners: Jack Davidson & Scott Summers

Airports Serving

Main Hubs

Focus Cities




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